Wonder Woman Offers Women-Only Screening


Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanReleased in June 2017, the film Wonder Woman also has women-only screenings. Alamo Drafthouse has announced screenings open exclusively to women. This is in honor of the film’s message of empowering women. Its Austin, Texas location was the first to offer women-only screenings. Their Brooklyn and Washington theaters will also add schedules for such screenings.

The said announcement drew a lot of negative feedback from the netizens especially from men who are excluded.

Comments for Women only screenings

Alamo Drafthouse was quick to respond to these comments and have remained firm in their decision to offer these screenings. The film marks major milestones in Hollywood. It is the first female-led comic book to ever hit the theaters in over a decade. It is also the first major super-heroine movie to be directed by a woman, earning more than $100 million. The select women-only screenings, according to the chain and its supporters, do not promote sexism but gives women a time to enjoy and celebrate Diana’s first solo film.

After debuting in the film Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman returns in her solo film to tell her origin. In the trailer, we see Gal Gadot as Diana Prince who grew up in Themyscira. She then traveled to Europe during World War I to take on Ares.