Who would you believe, NASA or Captain Kirk?


mars surface rock
A few days ago, a rock formation mysteriously appeared on the martian surface as the Opportunity rover was making rounds. It wasn’t there and then it was, so the science community is demanding that NASA investigate the root cause of this appearance.

With his years of experience going where no man has gone before and commandeering the Enterprise, Captain Kirk (aka William Shatner) was not shy about throwing out a possible theory on twitter for NASA scientists to mull over.

Shatner’s theory suggests that Martians are responsible for throwing rocks around. NASA immediately responded and said that they thought it was an unlikely theory, but they would keep monitoring the planets surface, just in case.

Considering the experience that Captain Kirk has after encountering numerous alien civilizations in his space missions, he is definitely over qualified to speculate. Who would you believe, Captain Kirk, or NASA scientists that have never left earth?

captain kirk

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