Which of These Celebrity Couples Will Stay Together?


It seems like the summer of 2018 wasn’t just a time for adventures and long beach walks. For many celebrities, it was a time for love as many couples got engaged and/or married during the season. All of them have only been together for a short time.

Relationship counselor Rachell Sussman shares with TIME her warning to couples getting engaged with someone they haven’t known really well.

“What’s the hurry? If you get engaged after four to six months, you don’t really know that person. You’ve never been through crisis together. You’ve never seen how one of you might behave during a difficult time in your life.”

Yet, who are we to judge? We can only speculate. Is their relationship bound to last a lifetime or will it be another case of summer fling?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Everyone was shocked when Justin Bieber announced his engagement with Hailey Baldwin. Obviously, many Jelena fans were heartbroken when they first learned of the news. He and Selena Gomez were just seen last spring to be together, yet after reconnecting over the summer with his now fiancée, they decided to make it for keeps.

In his Instagram engagement post, the singer captioned their photo with “My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first!”

Hailey Baldwin sits on the lap of Justin Bieber

“You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else.”

The couple is both really young. Bieber is 24 years old while Baldwin is 21 years old. The couple married after being engaged for just two months.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Was she still on high with the wedding fever? Probably yes, because just a few months after her best friend Meghan Markle’s wedding, Priyanka Chopra got engaged to singer Nick Jonas. The couple surprised fans when the news of them dating surfaced last spring. Well, it wasn’t really much of a surprise as they have been seen together last year attending the Met Gala.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas prenup

Since the news, they were spotted going out on dates and attending family events of each other. Just after Chopra’s 36th birthday, the engagement news broke out and many seem to be happy about it.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

Perhaps, the most interesting romantic twist of the season is Ariana Grande’s engagement to comedian Pete Davidson. The next thing fans knew, the pair has been sporting matching tattoos and then, a diamond ring around Ariana’s finger.

Since then, they have been open about their relationship by appearing on red carpet events and even speaking publicly about their love. Although it may seem like a rebound love since both came from different long-term relationships, Davidson shares how he wanted to marry Ariana the moment he met her.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

“The day I met her, I was like ‘Hey! I’ll marry you tomorrow!,” he shares with GQ.

“She was calling my bluff. I sent her a picture [of engagement rings].  I was like, ‘Do you like any of these?’ She was like, ‘Those are my favorite ones,” and I was like, ‘Sick!’”

Apart from the ring, there aren’t any new updates yet on their wedding.

Update: … and now they have called it off, so that’s one down!

Among these high-profile couples, who do you think will last long?