Two New Harry Potter Books Are Coming To Town


Hermione readingIt seems like the Harry Potter craze will never end.  Some news will make wizards like Hermione Granger exceedingly happy.  The book’s UK publisher Bloomsbury just announced that they’re publishing two new books set to accompany the opening of the Harry Potter exhibit at the British Library.

The two new books are expected to contain a sort of in-universe history facts.  To make you more excited, we’re giving you the titles.  The two new releases are “Harry Potter: A History of Magic – The Book of The Exhibition and Harry Potter – A Journey Through History of Magic.  The former will talk about various subjects that Hogwarts students study about.  This matches the title of the exhibit which is “Harry Potter: A History of Magic.”  The exhibit will feature famous subjects like potions, herbology, and care of magical creatures.

The second book will explore more on the history of magic from alchemy to unicorns, ancient witchcraft, and of course, Hogwarts.  The books which will be released in October are available for preorder at the British Library’s shop.

Author J.K Rowling is collaborating with the curators of the exhibit giving us a feeling that she’s indirectly involved with the creation of these books.  However, in the books, we’ll see the British Library’s curatorial team listed as authors.