These are Steven Spielberg’s Worst Movies


Being in the film industry for five decades, Steven Spielberg is undeniably the King of Hollywood. Over the course of his career, he has proven to be the innovator of cinematic movements. He started Hollywood’s blockbuster culture with the movie Jaws in 1975. Yet, he’s not just for the perfect cinematic effects; he’s also great for the substance of each film. He tackled some tough subjects like terrorism in Munich, WWII in Saving Private Ryan, and the Holocaust in Schindler’s list.

With his long list of best movies, it’s almost impossible to point which one is not “good enough.” However, there will always be those that are far from being “worth recommending.” So, here’s a list of Steven Spielberg’s “worst” movies according to critics.

1941 (1979)


After watching this film, critics have concluded: “Steven Spielberg can’t do comedy.” Well, it was made in 1979 so he was somehow a beginner especially because we’ve seen how sparked some humor in Raiders of the Lost Ark or E.T. This movie is said to be a bloated attempt at a ‘multi-character WWII’- type of comedy. It’s actually about Los Angeles panicking after hearing a news of a Japanese attack depicted in rolling Ferris wheels, John Belushi on the loose, and Sherman tanks found in Sunset Boulevard. The best you can get from this film is a chuckle. In comedy, that’s considered a “failure” even Spielberg himself said, “it wasn’t funny enough.”

BFG (2016)

BFGSince his ill-fated film, 1941, the movie BFG marks as his biggest flop in 2016. In theory, this could have been a slam dunk given its $140 million budget. Yet, it only mustered $55.5 million in domestic sales and another $127 million internationally. Working on a classic Roald Dahl’s tale, there should never have been a reason why this fantasy about a little girl abducted by a friendly giant wouldn’t be a hit. However, despite the imaginative effects and soulful characters, the entire thing feels so tiring and boring.

The Terminal (2004)

the terminal

While Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg would make a reliable duo, critics say they didn’t work out in this film. A Collider writer said Hanks’s stardom “is distracting” and the message of the film wasn’t really “charming” either. Another critic said Spielberg’s helpless attempt to do an outright comedy was again observed in this film. Worse, he may not be a good romantic director either as he tried to spark an old-fashioned romance between Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Indiana JonesEver since the third installment of Indiana Jones in 1989, a lot of fans dreamed of a fourth movie. Imagine when it was announced in 2008 that Spielberg, producer George Lucas, and movie star Harrison Ford were teaming up for this film, it felt as if movie gods have answered their prayers. In fairness to the movie, it did justice to its predecessors for the first half of the film. However, the succeeding scenes failed to recapture the Indy magic. Plus, building up Shia LaBeouf as an Indiana Jones Mark II was not a good idea too.

Hook (1991)­


If ­­this is one of your favourite movies as a kid, we’re sorry to tell you that this isn’t as good as you remember. Well, we couldn’t blame you. This is a Peter Pan movie, after all. Robin William plays a bourgeois corporate man who happens to be Peter Pan all grown up in a real word. So, what went wrong?

For one thing, the movie was too long. A critic said that the film “was overstuffed with too many beginnings and endings.” Second, various characters were not in sync. There are times when Hook and Smee came from an entirely different movie and Julia Roberts playing Tinkerbell was obviously miscast. Lastly, if you look at every detail of the film, everything seems to be confusing. Was the Neverland thing real? Or was it only a dream? Overall, the movie wasn’t great but it could still come off as magical for any kid who watches it.