There’s a Female Bodybuilder Who Looks Exactly Like J.Lo


It’s pretty common for celebrities to have their Look-Alikes. Most of the time, it’s quite easy to look like them with the enhancement of make-up or prosthetics.  Janice Garay, a female bodybuilder doesn’t need those to be an exact copy of the famous singer Jennifer Lopez.

In fact, some people had a meltdown because of how she resembles Jenny from the Block.  Now, with the spirit of fun and total acceptance, Janice calls herself as Jay from Houston. She also refers to herself as “The Girl Who Is Breakin’ The Internet” in her IG bio.

Janice GarayThe 28 year-old bodybuilder posted a collage photo of her and J.Lo and captioned: “So what you guys are telling me is that everybody has a twin and @jlo happens to be mine??? I’ll take it!”

Janice Garay and JloObviously, she’s embracing the resemblance.  Who wouldn’t if this means increasing her followers to 133k.  Well, to be fair… she does look like Jennifer Lopez’ doppelganger.

JAnice Garay JAnice Garay