The Spice Girls Reunion Is Finally Happening – Victoria Beckham Is Going To Be Part Of It


After much talk about a possible Spice Girls reunion for their 20th anniversary, it has finally been confirmed that ALL FIVE GIRLS are getting back together in 2018. They are reportedly set to reform the band for £10 million EACH.

According to The Sun, Mel B, Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and even Victoria Beckham already said yes to the reunion. Their reunion projects will include endorsement deals, a compilation album of their greatest hits, and a TV show in China.

According to a source, “After a long period of negotiation Victoria agreed the time is right to work on new projects this year.”

Spice Girls in Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 London

The same source said Victoria had been concerned about singing but is eager to “pump money back into her business.”

She’s been adamant to the thought of going back. So, it is exciting that the world will finally see the Spice Girls again. In an interview with Mel C on ITV’s The Nightly Show last March 2017, she said that she couldn’t see a reunion happening unless all five of the ladies were on board.

“That’s where I’m at right now, that’s where myself and Victoria are at.

It’s not really doing the band justice to go out as a four-piece, whoever is missing, it doesn’t matter.”

They were all last seen on stage together at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony in London.

Before we get too excited for the reunion, let’s do a recap on how the girl band started, their greatest hits, and their last performance.

How Spice Girls Were Formed

Spice Girls Beginning

The English pop girl group was formed in 1994 which consisted of Melanie Brown “Scary Spice”, Melanie Chisholm “Sporty Spice”, Emma Bunton “Baby Spice”, Geri Halliwell “Ginger Spice”, and Victoria Beckham “Posh Spice.”

The girls except for Emma Bunton became members of Spice Girls after they responded to a casting call for a girl group in a magazine in March 1993. Mel B sang “The Greatest Love Of All” as her audition song. Mel C’s audition song was “I’m so Excited” by The Point Sisters. Victoria, who had a musical theatre background, did a “Mein Herr” number from Cabaret. Geri missed the audition as she was in Spain. She then later called the agent to arrange for a late audition. The original fifth member was Michelle Stevenson. Together, they were called “Touch.”

Michelle had to leave the group for family reasons and was eventually replaced by Emma Bunton, who Victoria already knew. Their “Spice” names were thought up by a feature writer at Tops of the Pops magazine and they stuck!

Their Greatest Hits

Spice Girls Union Jack Dres

After releasing their debut single “Wannabe” in 1996, the group became a worldwide phenomenon. The song was actually just written in 20 minutes. It entered UK charts at no 3 and became a no 1 hit while they were in Japan for a world tour.

Their debut album “Spice” also became no 1 as it sold more than 31 million copies all over the world. It became the best-selling album by a female group making a history. All in all, the group sold 85 million copies worldwide and was known to be the one of the best-selling pop groups of all time.

Some of their greatest hits include “Say You’ll Be There” which topped the charts for two weeks, “2 Become 1” which became their first Christmas number one, and “Who Do You Think You Are” where Geri Halliwell wore the iconic Union Jack mini-dress.

On Hiatus

Spice Girls Concert

In 1998, as the girls were getting off from a private jet, Geri Halliwell told the other women “I’m gonna say bye now, girls.” The girls didn’t believe she would actually leave so they pretended that she was sick for their first appearance without her.  They also continued to sign an agreement with AWS which constituted misrepresentation, as Halliwell were no longer able to perform as part of the group. The last single released with Halliwell in it was “Viva Forever.”

Despite discarding many projects after Halliwell’s departure, the Spice Girls continued to record material and was even able to work on their third and last album. It was in December 2000 when the group unofficially announced their indefinite hiatus to concentrate on their solo careers.

The girls returned sometime in 2007- 2008 and released their comeback single “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends).” Four years later, they reunited once again to promote the launch of Viva Forever.