The Movie ‘A Quite Place’ is Making A Huge Noise


On its opening day, A Quiet Place generated $50 million. The critically acclaimed film nearly tripled its budget on its opening weekend. This is, by far, the biggest box office opening since Black Panther. So, how did this horror movie scored a massive box opening? Here are a few of the reasons listed by viewers and reviewers.

An Uncommon Theme

Even in its trailer, this horror movie took an interesting premise – silence.  The movie takes us to the future where the Abbott family survived an unknown threat by living in silence. This isn’t just about not talking out loud but literally making little or no sound at all. Qualifying as a silent thriller, the film got every viewer tiptoe as the actors did so and even hold their breaths as Evelyn (Emily Blunt) withholds her screams while going through labor pains.

a quiet place - deafCritic Brian Tallerico said, “[The movie] is a nerve-shredder. It’s a movie designed to make you an active participant in a game of tension, not just a passive observer in an unfolding horror.

…[It’s] the kind of movie that quickens the heart rate and plays with expectations of the audience, while never treating them like idiots.”

In other words, it’s a movie that never lets you slurp your drink or eat your popcorn because you want to empathize with the characters.

Emily Blunt’s Convincing Acting

Emily Blunt has proven how great of an actress she is in films like Into the Woods, Edge of Tomorrow, and The Girl on the Train. In this film, she delivers another powerful performance playing as the wife, Evelyn Abbot. With her disheveled look, she portrayed a real distressed mother trying to keep her children safe like it was a normal thing for her to do.

Actually, it was that part of the story that immediately pulled Blunt to grabbing the role. She said: “It sounds like a strange draw, to live out my deepest fears as a mother with two young kids.”

emily blunt

“But this was very close to home for me.”

Krasinki also commended her wife’s superb acting skills. In that bathtub scene, Krasinki says Blunt only needed one take. He recalls: “She was so unbelievably good that it literally took the air out of the room. As soon as I called ‘cut,’ she was like, ‘What’s for lunch today?’”

John Krasinki

As crazy as it sounds, Krasinki has co-written the script, directed, and played the lead man role in this movie. If that’s not enough reason to be intrigued by how his work turned out, then check out these reviews.

The triple-threat entertainer didn’t surprise critic Nick Allen because he always saw this coming. He said: “By no accident, he’s tackled the horror genre by relying on the unique strength that can be seen throughout his acting work, and one that has made him relatable as an everyman across TV and film—expressive silence. “

john krasinkiUSA Today also gave a big hand to Krasinki’s attempt at directing a horror film. They wrote: “In his third — and by far best — directorial effort, Krasinski switches up a fundamental horror trope and adds layers of gut-punching stakes. The amazing sound design does a lot of the work for him: The way the Abbotts sign to each other (translated through subtitles), which helps in not getting mauled, adds to the film’s overall disquiet nature. And when music is used, it’s composed mostly of dissonant piano melodies and haunting power chords.”

Krasinki confessed he was never a horror kind of guy. He was in fact known for his comedic acts but one day, producers surprised him with this crazy idea and he just kind of jump into it. He shared:

“These producers called me one day and said: “Would you ever act in a horror movie?” I said: “I don’t know, I’m kind of a scaredy cat, but if it’s a cool idea maybe.” And they said: “Well, the idea is that this family can’t make any noise and you have to figure out why.” And I thought: “That’s as good a one-liner as you can get.”

In all fairness, for someone who’s a scaredy cat, he totally gave justice in doing this film!

Here are a few more things they have to say:

“This gripping, clever monster movie is one of those rare genre treats that seizes on a simple, unique idea and executes it so perfectly and concisely that it elicits satisfying squeals of delight.” – Jeffrey M. Anderson | Common Sense Media

“The movie suffers from having no obvious endgame, and it’s not as fun as the recent, less tony shut-the-hell-up horror movie Don’t Breathe. But it’s aggressively scary. “ -David Edelstein |Vulture

“A Quiet Place is an undoubtedly taxing affair for the nerves; fortunately, it’s also a deeply affecting one.” – David Sims | The Atlantic

“An intriguing premise makes ‘A Quiet Place’ an essential horror flick because of its understanding of the genre, and a cast that absorbs you into their terrifying world.” – Neil Soans | Times of India

“A Quiet Place lives up to the ambitious challenge that it sets for itself, taking audiences on a compelling and suspenseful journey along the way.” – Sandy Schaefer |Screen Rant