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Halle Berry Instagram

Halle Berry Shocks Instagram

Welcome to social media Berry! Nice to see you’ve figured out so swiftly how this entire social media thing works. Oscar winner Halle Berry, 49, joined Twitter and Instagram on March 29, Tuesday, and shared a topless picture of herself, along with a line in her bio from Henry David Thoreau. The veteran star appears to…

Kanye West Twitter Rants

As claimed in his Twitter posts, Kanye West shows no signs of slowing down.  He is planning on having a very busy year.  He wants to release six collections for his fashion line, and not overly surprising, he said he will not be following the fashion calendar.  He will release his collection when he wants to, not…

Kanye West declares he is $53 Million in Debt

Just days after Kanye West launched his newest fashion collection, he declared via a series of Twitter posts that he is $53 million in debt. The claim was made right before his appearance on the U.S TV show Saturday Night Live which is also the same day that his album “The Life of Pablo” was released. In…

Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel