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Jay Z and Beyonce

Celebrity Couples With Big Age Gap

Time and time again, celebrity couples have proven that love knows no age. You can be together, understand each other, and live happily ever after despite the big age gap between you two. After all, age is just a number. Here are a few of your favourite celeb couples who are making their relationship work…

Alicia Vikander will be the next Lara Croft

Alicia Vikander Will be the Next Lara Croft!

  In March 2017, discussion began on who might be taking over the lead role in the Lara Croft franchise from Hollywood heavy hitter, Angelina Jolie. ¬†Following the success of Star Wars, Daisy Ridley was purportedly being considered for the popular video game heroine role. On April 28, Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that 27-year-old…