Superhero Cast Gone Wrong


Movie executives have a difficult task in finding the right actors to play well-loved comic book characters. For many years, superhero movies are highly scrutinized by fans from all over the world.

Aside from the story plot and details of every scene, hard core fans are very particular when it comes to who will play their favourite heroes and villains. Unfortunately, even if directors and movie executives cast A-list actors, some performances still turn out to be awful. Let’s take for example, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. Check out other characters that made it on our awful superhero cast list and let us know if we missed any!

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds as Green-Lantern

Since we’ve already spilled this one out, let’s talk about Green Lantern first. The character Ryan Reynolds played was an original in the DC Universe. The Green Lantern is a frequent member of the Justice League and Justice Society. Several individuals have played this role and each of them wore a Power Ring – a source of their amazing abilities to fight off evil.

When Reynolds was cast in the movie in 2011, he wasn’t that big of a star yet. Although he’s been through some action roles like Hannibal King in Blade:Trinity, his acting in the movie seems to be too campy combined with some really cheesy special effects. Even Reynolds admits how negative the movie was and realizes why it failed. He said: “I don’t think anyone ever figured out exactly what it was. That isn’t to say the hundreds of men and women didn’t work their fingers to the bone to make it as good as possible. It also fell victim to the process in Hollywood which is like poster first, release date second, script last.”

Jennifer Garner as ElektraJennifer Garner as Elektra

One of the most infamous fighters in the Marvel Universe is Elektra. With strong knowledge in martial arts and weaponry, Elektra became a violent mercenary assassin. She was killed by one of her own sai at the hands of Bullseye. She was resurrected by her old trainer and was able to kill the person who killed his own mother.

With such intense character, Jennifer Garner was easily cast as Elektra in 2003 after proving herself in her role as Sydney Bristow in Alias as she took home both Golden Globe and SAG award for that role. Fans were very optimistic that the actress will be more than capable of pulling off the fictional character. To their disappointment, the movie was a failure in many aspects. Even Director Rob Bowman had guts to discuss why the movie failed. “I knew going into the project, because of the short prep, because I only had Jennifer for her hiatus from Alias, which was ten weeks, and because of short postproduction, that we weren’t going to be able to make Spider-man… and Daredevil.”

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

karl urban as judge dreddJudge Dredd is based on a series of British comic books which stars a law enforcement and judicial officer in a dystopian future. In the story, “street judges” are allowed to arrest, convict, sentence and execute criminals. In its 1995 adaptation, Sylvester Stallone played the feared and respected judge.

In its 2012 film reboot, it was Karl Urban who was cast to play the character. During that time, Urban was already known for his supporting roles in Star Trek and Lord of the Rings which displayed some of his action moves. However, despite some fan buzz and critical acclaim, the film was a critical and box office flop. According to Karl Urban, the failure was on the marketing side and not on filmmaking. While it is true, we still think it flopped because of poor story writing and an underwhelming lead.

Brandon Routh As Superman

brandon routh as superman

Possibly the best known superhero ever since 1933, Superman has always been anticipated by filmgoers. Crashing from the planet Krypton, the alien became everybody’s superhero on Earth. This iconic role has been played by many both in television and film. However, when Brandon Routh was cast as Clark Kent in Superman Returns in 2006, audiences weren’t feeling the character.

The actor, for one, was a relative newcomer to the acting scene. He’s done some television roles on Wil & Grace and Gilmore Girls. The movie was supposed to be his first big break and yet it wasn’t that much of a success and a sequel was never called for. According to critics like Roger Ebert, the film was “a glum, a lacklustre movie in which even the big effects sequences seem dutiful instead of exhilarating.” For most of us, there was simply a terrible chemistry between actors that made it awful.

Fantastic Four Cast 2005/2007

fantastic four 2005 castRarely does a franchise fail so much that its own studio would do anything to prevent audiences from remembering its existence. In 2005, the Fantastic Four superheroes were introduced and in 2007, they even had a sequel entitled Rise of the Silver Surfer.  Both of these movies can no longer be seen in all digital platforms (unless you kept your own DVD copy) apparently because the studio realized how terrible the franchise was.

The very problem director Tim Story had to deal was introducing four distinct superheroes and explaining their powers without confusing the audience. The film was clumsy in doing so that people would understand more if they did their own research. Well, to sum it up: First, Ioan Gruffud as Mr. Fantastic seems to be a black hole of charisma who abnormally stretches any part of his body. Then, you have Michael Chiklis as The Thing who has a body made of rocks which looked like an uncomfortable full-body prosthesis. Jessica Alba was introduced as Sue Storm or the Invisible Woman who was obviously miscast as sexy but meek scientist and awkwardly tells the line, “It’s nice to be wanted.” Lastly, there’s Chris Evans (thank God he’s now Captain America) who played the most irritating superhero ever created.

Overall, the fantastic four superheroes were not that fantastic due to its terrible plot and lack of chemistry between the main actors.