Some Things You Didn’t Know About the Action Film Con Air


Con Air, starring Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich, and John Cusack, remains to be one of the greatest action films ever made.  The story revolves around Cameron Poe, a highly decorated, honorably discharged United States Army Ranger who leaves prison after seven years. On his trip home, his transport flight gets hijacked by vicious criminals on board.

In celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary, let’s read about some little known facts about the film.

John Cusack Was Never a Fan of the Film

John Cusack in Con AIr
Cusack has been really open in admitting that he only did Con Air for money. He said: “It’s like I never even made them”.
“I use those kinds of films to get leverage,” he added.

Nicolas Cage Shaped His Character in Con Air

Nicolas Cage Con Air
In an interview, the lead role actor said he thinks Cameron Poe wasn’t a very real character so he made some changes after reading the script.

“I decided he had to have been a Special Forces guy, so it would be believable that he could fight and kill so easily,” Cage shares.

He even changed the gender of one of the guards to a woman character to create a possibility of rape if he leaves her there.  He also made Poe a Southerner to emphasize his strong sense of chivalry.

“So,making him a Southern former Special Forces guy made him a much more believable character to me.”

The plane crash into the casino was real

Con Air Plane Crash
Perhaps, the most dramatic scene in the film was when the plane carrying the convicts crashes into The Sands in Las Vegas.

Director Jerry Bruckheimer explained how the actual crash scene happened: “The Sands was going to be demolished anyway. They blew up the tower on their own. We arranged to blow up the front of the building.”

Since they will only be able to shoot the scene once, they set up 14 cameras to capture the crash.

Danny Trejo was Once a Convict who Escaped Death Penalty

Danny Trejo
Trejo played one of the convicts named Johnny-23 in Con Air.  Well, he didn’t have to act too much to be convincing.  In the 1960s, he was put in maximum security prisons for armed robbery and drug offences.  The charges were dropped due to technicality.