Some Details You Need To Know About Mission Impossible 6


It has been over two decades since we first saw Ethan Hunt in the CIA Headquarters heading on to his first mission. Just like wine, the movie franchise only gets better with age. Every Mission Impossible film brings something exciting. Whether it’s a badass stunt or an awesome new character, fans all over the world sure can’t get enough of it. With the sixth installment on the way, we’re pretty sure fans want to get first dibs on what to expect when the film finally hits the theaters.

Release Date   

First things first – the release date! The release windows in between films have been inconsistent. Imagine having 5 films in two decades. There are times when people think a sequel is almost never going to happen. No need to worry this time because the sixth film is slated to be launched on July 27, 2018. That’s a mere three years from the release of the previous film, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

MI 6

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that no incident would happen that will lead to pushing the release to a later date.


The MI franchise has always relied on PG-13 rating and it would be the same in the next film. This allows the film to use a bit of brutality in their action scenes while still being able to catch wider demographics for audiences. While other action films like Logan and Deadpool went on a more restrictive rating of R, MI will stick to it a PG-13 adventure.

MI 6 shooting

The Next Mission

Honestly, we don’t have any specific details yet on what the plot is going to be. Ethan Hunt’s missions were quite difficult to guess. He and his team have prevented spreading of viruses, wars, and even some doomsday devices. Anything is possible on what they are going to chase down next.

Tom Cruise Filming

There’s a big chance though that his future adventures will be based on the things that have been set up in Rogue Nation. After all, the 6th instalment is still under Christopher McQuarrie who directed the well-applauded 5th MI film.

Just this week, McQuarrie teases on Instagram the first trailer of the film. He posted a photo of the video’s approval with a caption “#finishing touches.” Some are guessing the trailer will be released during the Super Bowl LII.


Mission Impossible movies are famous for incredible stunts and action scenes. McQuarrie promises that the next film will offer more than the usual insane stunts Tom Cruise performs. Some set photos have shown a bit of Cruise’s exciting action scenes including a motorcycle chase. Of course, this isn’t half of what he had done in Ghost Recon (2011) where he dangled outside of Dubai’s 2700 ft-tall Burj Khalifa.

Ethan Hunt Stunts

Knowing Cruise, he sure will deliver an impressive action this time. In fact, during the filming of some scenes, while performing another death-defying stunt, Cruise has injured his ankle which required a 7-week recovery.  All is now good as he is back filming stunts again when the year started.