Selena Gomez officially has no friends



Selena Gomez has had quite a bit of controversy in her life as of late. First it was her rocky on again/ off again relationship with troubled Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, which seems back on at the moment. Then Selena admitted herself into rehab to address addiction issue. More recently, Selena abruptly fired her parents from their positions as her personal managers. Now, Selena has unfollowed all of her girl pals, including long time BFF Taylor Swift, from her social media accounts.

The source of Selena’s behavior changes all seem to point to Justin. Justin was found to have an addiction problem, so it is likely, Justin and Selena have partied together, which landed her in rehab. Selena’s parents don’t think Justin is a good boyfriend, so she dumped them instead of him. Taylor’s dislike for Justin is legendary, and she allegedly gave Selena an ultimatum to pick one of them. Selena has not been seen with Taylor in a very long time, but she has been seen canoodling with the Canadian crooner recently, so it is obvious which side Selena chose.

It would appear that Justin is all that Selena has these days……