Say it isn’t so!


Plagued by failed relationships, it looks like Jennifer Aniston may once again lose at love with beau Justin Theroux. First came the rumors that Jennifer wanted to live in Los Angeles, and Justin wanted to live in New York. He was willing to compromise, and she was not. Allegedly, Justin got his own room in their new house as compensation, and they decided to remain in L.A.

Chalk it up to busy schedules or apathy, the couple got engaged on Jennifer’s 41st birthday, but she just celebrated her 43rd birthday, and they still haven’t tied the knot. To spur speculation, Justin is busy filming in N.Y., and Jennifer is busy hanging out in L.A. The couple hasn’t been seen together all year. Rumors really began flying when Jennifer did not fly to N.Y. for Philip Hoffman’s funeral, and then again when Justin didn’t fly to L.A. for Jen’s birthday.

Trouble in paradise?

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