Mother of Angelina Jolie’s Adopted Daughter Zahara Wants Contact With Her Child


After dealing with her divorce with Brad Pitt, Angelina faces another plea with the biological mother of their adopted daughter Zahara.

Mentawab Dawit Lebiso, 31 years old, has showed up and revealed how much she wants to get in touch with her child. She gave Zahara to Brad and Angelina in 2005 after being raped and falling ill.

Angelina Jolie and ZaharaMentawab now wants to be in contact with her now 12-year old daughter. In a heartfelt plea, she told Mail Online, “I just want her to know that I am alive and here and long to be able to speak with her”

She does acknowledge the importance of Angelina now in Zahara’s life, even adding: “Angelina has been more of a mother to her than I have ever been. She has been with her since she was a baby, but that does not mean I do not miss her.”

Mentawab’s request is to celebrate her daughter’s birthday or at least be able to talk to her.

Angelina and Zahara

“I would ask Angelina to let me speak with her. I do not think it is too much to ask.”

Angelina is yet to give her reaction to this plea. She is currently in a custody war with Brad over their six children. For the time being, Angie’s given the primary custody for Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne.