Michelle and Obama Heading for Divorce?


Barack_and_Michelle_Obama_at_the_Home_States_Ball When Barack Obama became president of the United States in 2008, the Obama’s appeared to be a solid happy couple. Most of their pictures show them in loving embraces and the general body language speaks of partnership and teamwork.

Obama’s presidency has been rife with challenges and criticism. There was speculation amid the selfie that Obama took with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron at Mandela’s service that Barack was openly flirting with Helle and Michelle was not amused by his behavior. The picture taken of the trio clearly shows her disdain. There are countless other photographs where Michelle is not giving her husband a loving look.

SAFRICA-MANDELA-MEMORIALHer lengthened stay in Hawaii as an early birthday present also created controversy. Not only did it cost taxpayer money, but it fueled speculation that Michelle is wanting to distance herself from her husband as much as possible.

We imagine that divorce is off the table until after Barack’s second term is over. Then, we expect to learn whether or not their marriage really is over.