Looks Like Drake and Rihanna are back together


After Drake professed his love publicly to Rihanna during the MTV VMA, people are waiting for a confirmation if they really are together. We were quite disappointed with the short peck on the cheek during the awards night, but the kiss they shared on the rapper’s concert last Wednesday is sending us a good hint.

On Wednesday, Rihanna had a special appearance at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. After the two performed “Bitch better have my Money,” they shared a sweet moment as they locked their lips and gave each other a tight hug.

Rihanna and Drake locked lipsSome onlookers said their sweetness started the night before while they were relaxing at a club. A source said, the two “”danced, kissed, and acted really coupley.”

Some source even added, “They’ve been secretly dating for a while now and are very happy together. Rihanna is the most beautiful girl Drake’s ever been with, and he treats her like a princess.”

Drake And Rihanna in Music VideoSo far, we’re happy with this news. But did you know that it was 2009 that the Rihanna-Drake team-up started? They were reportedly seen hooking up in Lucky Strike on May that year. On 2010, Drake admitted that they were “kind of” dating. Then, they were seen together on-screen in “What’s My Name?” music video.

Drake Rihanna on stageThe two have been together in many performances on stage and in music collaborations. However, it seems like their relationship went sour in 2012 when Drake penned some nasty lyrics pertaining to Rihanna . And on 2015, they’re back at it again after Rihanna was seen at the backstage waiting for Drake’s Coachella performance to end.

Whatever there is the two have now, we just hope it’ll last longer than before.