Justin Bieber Admits That He Loves Hailey Baldwin


Life is looking good for Canadian singer, Justin Bieber.  He is on the cover of GQ for their March 2016 issue.  He has been mostly staying out of trouble with the law.  He came out with a new album, ‘Purpose’ late last year and is now busily on tour.  The busy hitmaker is on an upswing.  Perhaps, Justin’s change in life path can be attributed to some of the new company he keeps.  It is a known fact that singer Justin Bieber is a ladies man, but there is one specific lady that this singer has been paying extra attention to lately. The Sorry singer has kept his personal life as private as he can, but it looks like love is in the air for Bieber.

Beiber for GQ.

Beiber for GQ.

Hailey Baldwin has been seen hanging out with the Biebs for quite some time now. In fact, they have been spotted kissing. Rumor has it that the two are dating, but neither Justin or Hailey has come out with an official statement about their relationship. As far as rumors go, Beiber stated in an interview that she is “a really close friend”, they do spend a lot of time together, and that she is “someone I really love”.

Justin and Hailey

Justin and Hailey broke the internet a couple of months ago after pictures of them came out.

Hailey, who happens to be the daughter of American actor Stephen Baldwin, has not spoken out about her relationship status either, which got everyone thinking that the twosome is now a couple.


Who wouldn’t wanna kiss these luscious lips?

I mean, who wouldn’t think about it? They make a beautiful couple.  With pictures of them kissing passionately, even dressing almost exactly the same, there is no denying that something is definitely going on with them, wouldn’t you agree? Whatever the reasons, we are happy for the Biebs!