Is Avril Lavigne Back in the Game?


Avril LavigneAfter a long hiatus, the Pop Punk Queen is ready for her comeback.  In her Instagram account, Avril Lavigne reveals she’s releasing her new album. In her statement, she said:

“To my fans, I just want to thank everyone for their patience as I work on putting together this new album. It’s been a long recovery and I want to make sure that this is perfect for you guys!! You only deserve my best effort and that’s what I’m going to deliver!” Lavigne added. “I can’t wait to share the new music I’m working on, I promise it’ll be here before you know it!! Love you, Avril”

Once released, this album will be the 32-year old singer’s sixth studio album. The last one was released in 2013 with her self-titled record. On March 1, Lavigne announced that she signed a deal with BMG.

“At this point my career and in my life, I just wanted to put fresh energy around me and I feel like I’m having somewhat of a rebirth in my life. I’ve been faced with a lot, gone through a lot emotionally,” she wrote at that time.

“The whole writing process has been therapeutic and empowering. This album is a natural process for me and it’s coming from a very honest place. My hope is that it is an inspiration to many people.”

Avril’s Lyme Disease

In 2014, it was recalled that the Complicated and Sk8er Boi hitmaker was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that comes from a tick bite.  Its symptoms include fatigue and rash.  When not treated, it may lead to a chronic condition.

In her interview with People Magazine in April 2015, she revealed how the disease took over her health.

Avril Lavigne Punk Rock

“I had no idea a bug bite could do this.  I was bedridden for five months.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t move.  I thought I was dying.  I had complete weakness and fatigue.  One night I tried to brush my teeth on the tour bus and couldn’t even stand.”

While her sickness initially got her frustrated, the Canadian singer tried to keep her positive outlook and even released a single in 2015 for The Special Olympics.  The song was entitled “Fly” which is about inner strength, courage, and the will to overcome challenges.

Her Recovery

Avril Lavigne was spotted in the Juno Awards in 2016 and gave an update on her recovery.  She said: “I’m happy to be feeling a lot better and just getting my life back and taking baby steps.”

She’s also been keeping her fans updated on her recovery.  She even shares photos from her doctor’s appointment just like this one:

Avril Lavigne Doctor Check up

She captioned the photo with: “Overcoming Lyme Disease. Feels good to have my Dr. smile and tell me how much progress I am making.  I’m coming out on the other side batches!!! #Fighter #F–kLymeDisease.”

Her Other Battles

In the same year that Avril shared to the public her battle with Lyme disease, she also announced her split with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.  She shared a photo of her and Chad smiling during their wedding day along with the caption: “It is with heavy heart that Chad and I announce our separation today.”

“Through not only the marriage, but the music as well, we’ve created many unforgettable moments. We are still, and forever will be, the best of friends, and will always care deeply for each other. To all our family, friends and fans, thank you sincerely for the support.”

Avril and Chad wedding

True enough, the two remained to be best of friends.  They were even seen together in Juno Awards last year.  The two Canadian artists emphasized the importance of keeping their friendship.  Lavigne said: “Chad and I have a great friendship. We started in the studio together working and we still work together, so it’s important for us to just keep that friendship.”

“We love each other and we always will,” she added.