Great Reasons To Watch The Movie ‘The Greatest Showman’


An All-star Cast. Jaw-Dropping Circus Stunts. Show-Stopping Musical Numbers. All these define the highly acclaimed movie, The Greatest Showman. Despite some critics saying the film lacks accuracy in presenting real-life events, it definitely is a crowd pleaser. Viewers were kept entertained and their interests were sustained with all the twists and turns of the story. So, what are the things to love about the movie?

  1. The Legend Behind The Story

PT BarnumThe film was inspired by the story of an American showman, Phineas Taylor Barnum. The legendary icon had achieved his rags-to-riches story through his brilliance in business and performance. In his book Humbugs of the World which was published in 1865, Barnum wrote how he remade himself from being an impoverished country boy into becoming the greatest showman.

Barnum was a businessman, a politician for some time, and a philantrophist. He is best remembered for founding the Barnum’s American Museum and the Barnum and Bailey Circus. His shows were rooted in promoting human curiosities and hoaxes.

  1. The Film Has A Rich Cultural Background.  Being set in 1870s Post- Civil War America, you would expect a splendid display of costumes and classic architecture. Every scene lets you explore the busy and glamorous world of mass entertainment. It’s all fame and glitters in New York!  Production value?  A 100%!circus cast

 Fun fact: Several of the costumes used by the circus cast are borrowed from Feld Entertainment. Meaning, they are from the legit Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. No wonder the musical numbers looked so extra with their outfits!

  1. Hugh Jackman Playing The Lead Role.  After seeing him as Wolverine for years, most of us have forgotten the total performer that Hugh Jackman is. He can sing, dance, and act both on stage and film. There is no reason he cannot play the role better than anyone else.

hugh jackman

In fact, as dedicated as he is for the show, he turned down a James Bond role for The Greatest Showman. In an interview with Variety, he said: “People wanted me to play that kind of hero part exclusively. It felt a little bit claustrophobic.” So that’s why he decided not to do it.

Jackman also risked his health for the show. A few weeks before the final sing-through, he underwent a skin surgery and was advised to avoid singing. Eager to give a total show, Jackman went against it and sang “From Now On” in front of the Fox executives which blew almost 80 stitches in his body. Wew!

  1. Zac Efron is Singing Again! Although Efron has played a number of roles since High School Musical, no one could forget how he was as Troy Bolton 15 year ago. Now, he is all grown up and has put on his vocal chords and dancing shoes once again. He will give you more songs to remember including a powerful high-flying stunt with Zendaya Train as they sing “Rewrite The Stars.”zac and zendaya

The romantic duet required intense aerial work out coupled with amazing hard-hitting choreography. Zendaya shares: “It was a nice blend of being able to be on the ground for a little bit and being able to be in the air. We have our ground team and our air team,”

“It comes with a lot of work and training.”

5. The Spectacular Numbers And Soundtrack. What makes a good musical? It’s a combination of memorable songs and stellar performances. The film has both so there’s no wonder everybody’s talking about it. Some of the most memorable songs are “Never Enough,” “A Million Dreams,” and “This is Me.” The latter was nominated in Academy Awards and won the title Best Original Song in 2017 at the Golden Globe.

Apart from the mid-air performance of Zendaya and Zac, some numbers to look forward to include Efron and Hugh singing and dancing “The Other Side,” and the magnificent performance of the song “The Greatest Show” by Jackman, Efron, Zendaya, and Keala Seattle.


All the actors worked hard for every number in the show. Even Jackman who dances really well had to brush up some hip hop dancing skills while Efron needed to study classic dance legends like Gene Kellya and Fred Astaire for his number with Jackman.

“In particular for the dance with Hugh Jackman ‘The Other Side,’” says Efron. “Those guys are, I think, the bar. Who’s ever danced better than those guys?”

The Greatest Showman is still showing in theaters across the country.