Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Proves Once Again How He Loves His Family and Fans


Aside from being known as an actor, producer, and wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his charity works and small acts of giving back to his family and fans. This week, he has chosen his closest admirer to show his appreciation to. In his Instagram account, he shared a photo of his father with a new Cadillac and wrote the caption: “My pops just had his hip replaced and called me and said ‘Hey Mr. D the surgeon really feels like I should have a bigger car since my hip rehab.’ I cut my dad off and just started laughing because I knew what he was hustling for.”

“I said ‘say no more…I got you… just go down and pick out what you want’ then we hung up and hours later I get this pic. Lol,” he continued.

The Rock's DadHe even jokingly started the caption with “We all got daddy issues.” He also expressed how he grateful he is for his dad saying “Hey my old man was a tough MF on me. He’d kick my ass from one side of the gym to the other for years. I hated it when I was a kid, but grateful for it as a man. I’m lucky I could do this and thanks for the ass kickins.”

With that said, we all know The Rock is happy to be treating his dad with a new SUV. This isn’t the first time he did this though. Scroll down to check out few of his good deeds.

The Rock Meets 10-year old Hero

September last year, Johnson gave the ten-year old hero Jacob O’Connor a warm hug on the set of Skyscraper. Connor was considered a real life hero after saving his two-year old brother when he saw him drowning in the pool. Of course, the visit didn’t end there. Johnson also let Connor and his family take a tour on the set and gave them free candies.

the rock and connor

Johnson also shared this moment in his account and said: “I told Jacob and his brother Gavin that when kids visit my movie sets, it’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory because children get to eat all the chocolate and sweets they want and the best part is…IT’S ALL FREE.”

The Rock Surprises Walt Disney Parkgoers

Johnson really loves random, surprise acts. While promoting The Fate of The Furious, he shocked unsuspecting park goers when he hopped on the Jungle Cruise ride, giving them a more fun experience. According to Johnson, he “wanted to dive head first into the research” since he will be producing and starring in the movie based on the Jungle Cruise ride.

The rock at the Jungle Cruise Ride

He was so excited about the project and expressed his delight in this adventure. “Best part of the surprise research day was knowing how FUN of an experience we’re gonna work hard to create for families around the world.”

The Rock And His Young Fans

Johnson may be called The Rock but he undoubtedly has a soft heart especially for kids. While filming Baywatch, he took Tater, a young boy battling with cancer to the set. They even wore cute statement shirts. Johnson’s shirt had “Live Like Tater” printed on it while the kid was wearing a shirt that says “Strong as The Rock.”

Tater and the rock

Despite his busy schedule, Johnson always finds time to do charity works. Also while filming Baywatch, he visited a children’s hospital. In this photo, you can see Johnson taking a snap while kissing his young fan.

the rock kisses a young fan

The Rock Did A Manicure

With those huge muscles and tough hands, who would have thought The Rock can actually do a nail job. Well, anything for the love of his young fans.  Look at this cute little girl showing off her fancy manicure made by no other than Dwayne Johnson himself.

The Rock did a nail job

These are just a few of the many good deeds The Rock did. No matter how big or small, Johnson always tries his best to do it. Like the old adage goes, “It’s better to give than to receive.”