Drake’s Selfish and Thoughtless Twitter Rant



In an unexpected turn of events, Rolling Stone decided to pay tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman in its February 27th edition and feature the fallen actor on the cover.

It is unexpected because the edition also includes an exclusive interview with Canadian singer songwriter rapper actor, Drake, and Drake was originally supposed to be featured on the cover.

Drake was very unhappy about his lost cover and with Rolling Stone, so in a thoughtless act, he began to tweet his displeasure on twitter. Drake apparently thought it was unfair that he should be usurped by Hoffman. How dare Hoffman take his cover for he is Drake.

It is tradition for the iconic magazine to honor industry talent when they die, so Drake should not have been shocked. One of Drake’s insiders must have advised him against his twitter faux pas because shortly after his initial temper tantrum, he tweeted his own personal tribute to Hoffman. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman