Chris Brown’s Heartbreak


RihannaLeonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood’s serial playboy can always be found with a beautiful woman on his arm, and he typically has a type, young 20-something leggy blonde.  When the rumors that he was hooking up with pop-star Rhianna first hit the celeb news, heads turned, not in sublime interest, but mild curiosity as in could this be real?  The rumors subsided and Leo was once again linked to a young beautiful blonde model, and then DiCaprio and Rhianna made another appearance together. They could be just friends, or not.  Rihanna‘s ex, Chris Brown, is of the opinion that they are not just friends, and he is not too happy about the pairing.  In fact, an insider to the Chris Brown camp has revealed that Chris is ‘pissed off’ that she is canoodling with the A-list playboy.

“Chris thought Rihanna was done playing around with bad boys who don’t want to commit,” the insider confided and then added that because Chris still has feelings for her, the romance has caused him great pain.

“As a former bad boy himself, Chris changed his entire image and persona, mostly for Royalty, but partly for RiRi too.  He loves Rihanna and no disrespect to Leo, but he doesn’t want Ri to get caught in his glory just because he recently won an Oscar. Leo’s still a player and he hopes she knows that.”  He hates hearing that she is back in Leo’s arms.

Rihanna and Leo at Wynn Las Vegas

After the initial photos circulated of them together in January, the two were seen again at Coachella, and yet again, in May at the Intrigue Night Club’s grand opening in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel.  According to eye witnesses, Rihanna headed directly to the VIP section where DiCaprio was; however, the did ultimately leave with their party crowd in tow and not alone.

Even though people have speculated that things have gotten romantic between Leo and Rihanna, especially when they were at the Wynn because it would have been pretty easy to finish the evening in one of the Wynn Tower Suites, it is unlikely, because Louis Tomlinson was seen to be accompanying the duo throughout the evening, which should make Chris Brown a little happier.

Rihanna at GQ Event

Rihanna in hot bikini