Celebrities and their Siblings You Didn’t Know Existed


When you see their photos, you’d probably think they look like a famous celebrity. Well, that’s because they share the same genes. They may be less popular but it’s awesome to know that these celebrity siblings exist.

Let’s get to know more of them:

Doug and Brad Pitt

That smile looks familiar! Well, this is Doug Pitt, Brad’s younger brother of 3 years. He is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania since 2010.

James Haven and Angelina JolieThere’s no denying that James Haven is Angelina Jolie’s brother. Those eyes will tell you so. Though he planned of becoming an actor, he pursued directing and even won a George Lucas Award at the University of Southern California for a student movie, starring her very own sister.

Emma and Alex WatsonAlex Watson looks like Emma’s twin brother. From their eyes to how they smile, they look so identical. But Alex is actually younger. He played some extra roles in Harry Potter but has now continued his own path as a model.

Hunter and Scarlett JohanssonNow this is Scarlett’s twin brother, Hunter. He went into politics and even worked on President’s Obama campaign in 2008 as well as his re-election.

Penelope and Monica CruzPenelope’s younger sister, Monica who is equally beautiful is also a successful actress and dancer in Spain. The Cruz Sisters launched the clothing line MANGO in 2007.