Cameron Diaz would rather smoke a cigarette than drink a Diet Coke.



Cameron Diaz is more known for her glamorous appearance, strict workout regimes, and famous boyfriends than her health advice, but that didn’t seem to stop the American actress from expressing her beliefs on ‘Chelsea Lately’ as she was promoting her new book ‘The Body Book’.

It would seem that Cameron believes that drinking Diet Coke is more unhealthy than smoking. She claims that if you have a cigarette occasionally, there should be no harm. We don’t know many people that partake in smoking that only have one occasionally and even with one, there is always the risk of beginning an addiction.

There are conflicting studies on the effects of Diet Coke consumption, but I believe there is consensus that smoking is not a healthy pastime. Smoking is not the only cause for lung cancer, but if Cameron ever knew anyone that died from the disease, we don’t think she would be so careless with her words.