Bieber Trouble



After Justin Bieber’s latest antics, the young pop star may be facing deportation from the U.S. and jail time. Justin’s behavior has been increasingly erratic, violent, and destructive over the last 12 months, and some of his closer circles have been trying to hold an intervention to get him into rehab before he kills himself or kills someone else, but Justin refuses to acknowledge there is a problem and will not go.

His posse definitely doesn’t seem to be helping him in any way, and neither are his parents, so it would seem. With Justin’s latest arrest, both of his parents are being accused of endorsing his bad behavior. Justin’s dad supposedly orchestrated blocking off the residential street so Justin could drag race while intoxicated and disoriented from taking prescription and non prescription drugs. His mom is being accused of giving him the prescription drug, Xanax. Neither parent is looking like a great role model. We just hope Justin gets some help either through rehab or jail before he hurts someone.

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