All Disney Princesses Will Be Present in Wreck It Ralph 2


Ralph Breaks the internetYes!  You read it right!  You’ll be seeing all the Disney princesses in one movie – from Snow White to Moana.  There’s only one film that is able to do that.  It’s the sequel to Wreck It Ralph.

During D23, Disney’s fan expo in Anaheim, California, fans were treated to a work-in-progress scene of the second film entitled “Ralph Breaks The Internet.”  The story will revolve around how Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) restores Vanellope’s (voiced by Sarah Silverman) broken game Sugar Rush.

Disney Princesses SquadAs they venture into the internet to find the replacement part of the game, they find themselves in the most magical part of the web:  While exploring the site, they stumbled upon a room full of … voila!  Disney Princesses!  In the clip, the princesses thought they’re under attack.  So, Mulan pulls out her sword, Merida grabs her bow, and even Cinderella turns her glass slipper into a shiv.

The scene then cuts into a fun slumber party with the Disney princesses where you’ll see Jasmine, Snow White, Tiana, and Ariel.  You’ll also find Frozen’s Anna and Elsa and the newest Disney heroine, Moana.  Since Disney has acquired Lucasfilm, C-3PO will also show up.

Real Life Disney Princesses

Getting excited?  Well, here’s one more thing, the studio was also able to get the original voice actors back.  Almost everyone who saw the footage went nuts.  Who wouldn’t?  So, compose yourselves and get ready as Ralph breaks the internet on November 21, 2018.