A Quick Look at Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Relationship


Just this week, the news about Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin broke the hearts of Jelena fans. Considering that Justin and Selena were still seeing each other early this year, fans were still hopeful of them getting back together. Indeed, the news was surprising since Hailey was only spotted canoodling with Justin a few weeks ago. If you’re one of those who were shocked by the news, here are some facts you might want to know to help you move one.

When did Justin meet Hailey?

The two may have been out in public just last June, but they met almost 9 years ago. In October 2009, Hailey’s dad Stephen Baldwin introduced his daughter to the teen heartthrob at the backstage of Today show. In a video, Stephen said to Bieber: “We’ve been enjoying your music.” Hailey appeared to be disinterested or quite embarrassed, shown with her crossed arms.

When did they officially start dating?

They mostly dated other people since that encounter but the two belong to the same church at Hillsong. While they were rumors that the two may be dating, Baldwin was quick to deny saying: “We’ve been just good friends over the years.” Bieber even posted a photo of their selfie in December 2014 with the caption: “People are crazy. I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.”

Justin and Hailey holding hands

Bottomline: they officially started hanging out publicly last May. They were seen going to the church together, making out at New York City, and openly posting photos with each other at Instagram.

How did they get engaged?

According to a source close to Justine, he decided to propose just recently. The source shared: “He knew a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to propose. He sees marriage as something very special. He would never propose if he wasn’t crazy about Hailey.”

Justin Kisses Hailey

Photo from Justin Bieber’s Instagram post announcing their engagement.

The same source said Justin bought the ring before their trip to the Bahamas. Involved in the engagement is their church pastor, Carl Lentz.

hailey's engagement ring