5 Underrated Horror Films You Might Want To Consider Watching


We all know Halloween’s over, but watching horror films is always a good idea when you just want to stay at home, eat your favorite pizza or nachos, and scare yourself to sleep. If you’re someone who’s into horror movies, you may have seen the popular ones like The Conjuring, Sinister, The Exorcist, or A Quiet Place. You may have watched all the witch and vampires series in your subscription service as well. Don’t fret! There’s always a good horror movie to watch. We’ve compiled a list of horror films which may not have been given its proper credits, but are definitely worth watching!

It Follows


Perhaps, one of the craziest horror films there is but wasn’t well advertised is It Follows. This classic movie follows a very interesting plot – a monster that follows one person at a walking speed. It never stops and if it catches you, it kills you. The worst thing is, you’ll never know who that monster is because it can disguise as anyone. It may be a stranger in the crowd or a loved one.

Dead Silence

DEAD SILENCEIf you screamed your lungs out while watching Saw, this movie will get your heart beat faster because it’s made by the same creators of Saw. We’re not sure why it didn’t receive the same hype but it sure has a good premise. It’s about a widowed man who tries to solve the mystery of his wife’s murder. It turns out, his wife’s murder may have been linked to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist in their creepy hometown. The same curse threatens his own life.



Three children left to the care of an evil babysitter – this may seem like a very cliché plot but Emelie creators did a good job in putting the right amount of thrill and scare. The babysitter poses as Anna – a sweet and kind woman which most parents hope for. When they leave, she starts to exhibit psychotic nature, forcing the eldest among the three children to step up and protect his siblings.

The Host


Koreans must really be good at making scary movies like Train To Busan.  Only with this film, they are not dealing with zombies but an alien race that wipes out human minds. They then turn the human bodies into hosts of interstellar travelers. The main character, Melanie and her family, have survived through hiding and with the help of a soul who betrayed her alien race.

Ginger Snaps


You’ve probably had enough of teen werewolves. What exciting twist could there be? In this film, two teenage sisters both have a fascination for death. One of the sisters was attacked by a wolf and soon exhibits some physical and mental changes. This leaves the other sister to make a tough decision.