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5 Underrated Horror Films You Might Want To Consider Watching

We all know Halloween’s over, but watching horror films is always a good idea when you just want to stay at home, eat your favorite pizza or nachos, and scare yourself to sleep. If you’re someone who’s into horror movies, you may have seen the popular ones like The Conjuring, Sinister, The Exorcist, or A…

Home Alone

You Wouldn’t Believe These Facts About Home Alone

This year would probably be the nth time you’ll be watching the Christmas classic film, Home Alone, yet you’ll be surprised that there are a few facts you still don’t know about the movie. Sure, you’re familiar with the plot – a boy who accidentally got left behind at Christmas when his family goes to…

Wakanda Women

The Movie Characters You Loved in 2018

With the number of movies released in 2018, we’re sure there are new characters you began to love. They’re not necessarily the stars of the film, but they sure have become iconic in the way they portrayed their roles. With the many sequels and remakes this year, our eyes were on the lookout for new…