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Matthew Morrison family

These Daddies Celebrated Their First Father’s Day This Year

June is a special time for daddies and it’s even more special for those who’re celebrating it for the first time. This year, a long list of celebrity dads will be enjoying the holiday as they welcomed their first born this year. Included in the list are actors Ian Somerhalder and Ben Foster, and musicians…


These Musical Films Are Broadway Shows First

With movies like “The Greatest Showman” and “Lalaladance,” there’s no doubt that people love watching musical films. Whether it’s the story that inspired people to watch or the overall musical feel that got everybody hooked, one thing is for sure – these musicals indeed remind us of the Broadway era. Unless you’re a musical fanatic,…

Michael Jackson

Celebrities That Died Like Michael Jackson

It’s a known fact that being a celebrity isn’t all about the glitz and glamour. A lot of famous personalities have lived a miserable life because of the demands in the industry. There are many who turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pressures of their jobs. With that fact, dying due to…

cannes festival

5 Films at Cannes Festival You Would Want to Watch or Not?

The Cannes Festival is probably the most famous and most prestigious festival in the world. People don’t just look forward to the best-dressed men and women walking on the red carpet but in fact, see the latest films that made it to the competition. This year, there are about 90 feature films screening at Cannes….