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Jennifer Ellison

Celebrities That Injured Themselves On Reality Shows

The thing about reality TV shows is that they just can’t seem to avoid injuries. Most of them happen on record while some are inflicted during rehearsals. Either way, celebrities live with the saying “the show must go on” and still perform despite the pain they are feeling. Check out a few celebrities who suffered…

Jay Z and Beyonce

Celebrity Couples With Big Age Gap

Time and time again, celebrity couples have proven that love knows no age. You can be together, understand each other, and live happily ever after despite the big age gap between you two. After all, age is just a number. Here are a few of your favourite celeb couples who are making their relationship work…

Liam Neeson

Will Liam Neeson Be Returning To Star Wars?

While everyone’s eyes are turned towards the movie Solo: A Stars Wars Story, others are looking for a possibility of another movie spin-off where Liam Neeson could appear again. Yikes! Getting excited? Not just yet. The chances for that may be slim right now as another Star Wars film about droids is currently on the…